13 Fun Car Facts

I bet you take your car for granted. You get inside, turn on the ignition, and go.

But a lot goes on behind the scenes that’s allowed you to get where you are with your car today.

Learn some fun facts about vehicles and share them with your friends!
Car facts 101
1.The first cars produced did not have a steering wheel. They had a lever. To start the engine, you had to use a hand crank to get it going.
2.Most manufacturers take 25 hours to construct a vehicle. Approximately 10 hours -- or two-fifths -- of that production time are spent applying the paint.
3.Topping off the gas tank can actually damage it. In addition, the extra dimes you spend on that gas are wasted, as the gas doesn’t ever reach the tank.
4.The type of vehicle that is ticketed the most (drumroll please…), the Hummer!
5.Speeding tickets were first given out in 1904 by a driver who was going over the speed limit, or 12 miles per hour.
6.Russia is the most dangerous country in which to drive, due to its old road designs, lack of police and lots of snow!
7.You can also get ticketed in Russia for driving a dirty car.
8.When cars started sharing the roads with horses, some automobiles were equipped with a fake horse head so as to not startle horses.
9.When cars were first manufactured, they were considered “green” because they weren’t polluting the air like horse poop.
10.The first Honda CR-V came equipped with a picnic table as an extra feature.
11.The first car accident happened in Ohio in 1891.
12.The average American is stuck in traffic for 38 hours every year.
13.Los Angeles has more cars than people!

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