Car Parts Every Driver Should Know

Knowledge is power, and nothing could be truer than when owning a vehicle. If you aren’t savvy about the mechanics of a car, now’s the time to brush up!

Here are some of the car parts every driver should know and how they function.

The battery
This little powerhouse is the part that starts the engine. This function uses less than 5 percent of the battery’s charge. However, even as battery technology has improved, most batteries still succumb to losing all their power if you leave your car lights on, for example.

If you let the battery drain of its power, the electrodes will become covered with deposits of sulfate, which can destroy its lifespan by one-third, every time it happens. If your vehicle doesn’t have lights that shut off automatically, be sure you power them off before you get out of your car to avoid damaging the battery.

The axle
This part makes up the central bar or shaft that lets you turn the wheels. There is one axle that connects the front wheels, and one for the back pair. However, if you drive over very rough terrain or bumps, the weight of the activity could prevent the axle from turning.

For this part, rust is the number one issue that will lead to a malfunction or breakdown. During winter, be sure to clean the car as often as possible to rid the bottom portion of the car of salt that could rust the axle.

The brakes
Every car has two types of brakes. The brake pedal brings the car to a stop, while the emergency brake performs a separate function. Most modern vehicles will have a fluid-based, or hydraulic, brake system.

The brakes will only work properly if the brake fluid is changed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Avoid performing this service, and your car’s brakes will wear out quickly.

Get to know your car’s parts and be proactive about servicing the vehicle. To schedule a service appointment, contact Park Auto Group today!
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