How to Save on Car Expenses

For most households, car expenses are one of the biggest personal expenditures, after owning a home. However, vehicle ownership is a must, especially if you live in an area lacking public transportation.

Your car provides a sense of control, giving you the ability to get to work on time and go places, anytime and anywhere!

Here are some tips to use to help you shrink this budget item:
●Buy a car that’s known to last. Instead of investing in a car that might cost less upfront, consider the expenses you’ll incur for upkeep, maintenance and repairs. Compare those costs to what you’ll pay for a highly durable and safe car that lasts.
●Purchase a smaller vehicle. If you want a lower-priced vehicle and can do without the space, buy a compact or mid-range car, instead of a large vehicle or SUV.
●Invest in a car that gets good gas mileage. The gas savings could add up to hundreds of dollars every year that you own the vehicle.
●Invest wisely in maintenance. A well-maintained car will last much longer than one that’s neglected, so you’ll get a bigger return on investment from the purchase. The vehicle will also break down less frequently, so you won’t have to pay for big repairs.
●Follow the oil change schedule religiously. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change frequency, and follow it to the letter to extend your engine’s lifespan and avoid costly repairs.
●Check in on the tires. By driving the car with properly inflated tires, you’ll reduce gas consumption. For every pound that your tires are underinflated, you could be losing 6 percent in gas mileage.
●Carpool if you can, and avoid racking up the miles.
●Drive with caution. These practices will help you save on gas and engine wear: accelerating slowly, stopping slowly, and coasting when possible.

These tips will help you reduce car expenses, and give you a little more wiggle room in your budget each month.

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