What Does Your Car’s Color Reveal About You?

Ever wondered if you’ve chosen your car’s color based on just an aesthetic appeal -- or could it be your personality? It turns out, most drivers subconsciously choose the color of their car depending on the message they want to send to the world.

Here’s what your car’s color says about you:
●White. This color attracts people who want to present a young, fresh look to the world. That’s part of the reason why brands like Apple also choose white to represent their business. This color also exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance.
●Black. The primary color chosen to represent luxury, this is a popular choice. It also gives off a feeling of ultimate sophistication -- much like the LBD, or the little black dress. Finally, if you want to feel powerful, this is the color for you.
●Silver. An innovative option, this shiny shade speaks of class, an upscale nature, and higher status.
●Gray. With this color choice, you’re saying, I don’t want to stand out. Instead of being flashy, gray is about maturity, tradition and dignity.
●Red. This color represents power and action. Often used on sporty cars, you’re sending a message that you want to “flex” your car muscles. For women who drive red cars, you’re saying, I’m fun and I have confidence!
●Blue. The ultimate happy color, blue projects stability, which is why the family minivan is very often manufactured in this shade.
●Brown or beige.  Representing a feeling of peacefulness and quiet, beige or brown cars often connote practicality and durability.
●Gold or yellow.  Much like a yellow smiley face, a car in this tone speaks of happiness and joy.
●Green. A color that’s falling out of favor with drivers, a green car exudes a feeling of nature and being “green.”
●Orange. Brands turn to the color orange to indicate a sense of value and money savings, so if you like driving an orange car, you’re telling the world that you’re prudent with your money.

Surprised by these findings? The next time you’re on the dealership lot choosing a vehicle, confidently choose the color that you’re drawn to.

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