Handy Car Parts You’ll Be Glad to Know

You don’t need to know so much about car parts that you could pass a mechanic’s test. But every driver should have a basic knowledge about car parts in case the vehicle breaks down and you need to replace a part. The ability to “talk shop” with your mechanic will go a long way.

Here are some of the parts you should know:
  • Transmission. A large car part, both in size and importance, the transmission is essentially the “box” that transmits the energy that the engine generates and transfers it to the car’s wheels, so it will “move.”  The majority of cars driven today are automatic transmissions, meaning, the transmission automatically shifts the gear to optimize performance. This type of system also helps to improve fuel economy.
  • Spark plugs. Your car has spark plugs that help the car to start up. These plugs basically give off an electric spark, which ignites the fuel housed in the ignition chamber in the engine. This is a significant car part that has seen many huge improvements over the decades. Some manufacturer’s claim their plugs can last 100,000 miles. However, to ensure that your car runs reliably, you will want to change the spark plugs out before they wear out.
  • Air filter. Every car generally has two air filters. There is one for the engine and one for the interior “cabin.” The filter in the engine removes dust, dirt and contaminants out of the engine. The engine will take the clean air that exits the filter and draw it into the cylinders, where in combination with fuel, it will power the car. The interior filter helps the A/C perform better and removes particles, odors and gases before they enter the car.

Park Auto Group is happy to help you with car maintenance and repair. And we don’t do “mechanic-speak.” We do people-speak. You’ll know what we’re talking about and we’ll take the time to explain why repairs are necessary and what we’ll do to fix the problem. Just give us a call today!
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