3 Times You Should Definitely Take Your Car to a Mechanic

DIY car repairs are generally not a good idea.

Maybe you’ve changed out your own oil before, or swapped out wiper blades.

But don’t be tempted to go beyond that.

Think about it: You’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to be able to get yourself around town and to work. Why would you sabotage this investment by DIYing a repair?

Your efforts could damage the car and end up costing you more in the long run. The repair could also cause you to have to go without a vehicle for awhile and pay to drive a rental car around until a professional repairs the vehicle.

Here are just three occasions when you should definitely trust a professional to do the work on your car:
  1. You have a hybrid. Diagnosing hybrid car problems is particularly challenging. The batteries operate at a high voltage, and so does the propulsion system. Without expert training, it’s very dangerous to work with this kind of power. In addition, complex computer controls manage the engine and electric motor’s delicate balance. Dealing with these systems is generally out of reach for most DIY mechanics -- and even independent repair shops. You’ll want to take your car to the dealership for every diagnosis and repair, as they’ll hold specialized training for hybrid cars.
  2. Technology woes. Under the hood of today’s cars exists a lot of technology. As a result, trying to get to various parts to either diagnose or repair an issue is a huge challenge. Many cars must be disassembled in order to reach the spark plugs or timing belt, for example. Often, the engine must be removed. Mechanics have the specialized training and tools to properly diagnose and repair today’s vehicles.
  3. Cars are more sophisticated today. While there’s a lot of “technology” going on under the hood, today’s vehicles also have electronic sensors that make them difficult to repair. Manufacturers use sensors to measure wheel speed, internal temperature, body yaw, and the composition of exhaust gas -- and much more. Diagnosing sensor problems requires sophisticated, costly equipment and extensive training -- all elements that your local dealership’s service shop will offer.

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