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Who Else Wants to Save Money on Gas This Winter?

Snow, slush, and the cold temperatures can have a massive effect on your fuel economy.

According to, your gas mileage is about 12% lower when the temperature is around 20 degrees than when it’s around 80 degrees.

If you drive a hybrid, you’ll take an even bigger hit in the winter, reduced by about one-third.

So, what can you do when Old Man Winter invades?

Try these tips.

Park in a…
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5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Winter weather can do a number on your vehicle! The snow, ice, and salt create potholes in the roads, which then wreak havoc on your car. Not to mention the film of grime that is left behind by the melting snow, dulling your paint job.

Once the snow’s gone, you can get busy erasing the damage that was done.

What are the best ways to get your vehicle ready for spring?

Here are five…
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Teen Driver Education: How to Save on Gas

Even if your parents pay for your gas, or provide a gas budget, sooner or later, you’ll be footing the bill for your car’s fuel.

You’ll want to respect your gas budget and do what you can to save on fuel, now and in the future. Here’s how to ensure that you get the most out of every gallon.

●Turn the vehicle off if you’re going to be stopped for…
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A Guide to Washing and Waxing Your Car Before Winter Hits

Before the weather turns too cold to wash your car, make sure to set aside time to remove the dirt and grime from the last few months and get the exterior ready for harsher weather.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your wash and wax job:
  1. Pick a shady spot. If you use hard water to wash your car -- and most people do -- it will leave a spotty finish on the car…
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9 Fall Car Care Tips

Do you make vehicle maintenance a priority in the fall? You should.

Before the winter weather makes driving on the roads more hazardous, bring your car into any of our
dealerships and make sure you check these tasks off your list.

  1. The battery. Test it so you know how much “juice” it has left.
  2. The tires. Use a pressure gauge to test the tire pressure and add air if they need it.
  3. The treads…
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5 Signs You Need a New Car


Holding onto a car that’s still chugging along makes sense, especially if you’re enjoying a payment-free model!

But there will come a time when you’ll need to retire old faithful and invest in a new model that’s likely a lot more reliable, too.

Here are five signs it’s time to give your tried-and-true vehicle a rest:
  1. It’s becoming an embarrassment. Got teenagers? They’ll act as a “thermostat” for…
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How to Clean Your Car's Entertainment System

The entertainment system in your car is like the hub of your ride.

Sophisticated digital touchscreen displays are a coveted feature for many, the place where you can control music, get directions or make a call.

With so much activity taking place around this small feature, you need to take care of it properly.

Regularly cleaning the entertainment system will keep your drive connected.

Here’s how to safely clean sensitive electronic components:
  • Gather your…
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How to Clean Your Car’s Seat belts

Primarily a safety feature, your car’s seat belts play a vital role in keeping you safe behind the wheel.

But seat belts can take a beating.

Every time you grab the belt to buckle up, oils from your hands soil the material. Spills from food or coffee combined with dirt wreaks havoc on seat belts, too.

If your seat belts are looking tired and dingy, it’s time to clean them up!

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How to Clean Leater Car Seats

So you splurged on leather seats. You’re living in the lap of luxury. The dream comes to a screeching halt once the leather seats become dingy and dirty.

Properly caring for your car’s leather seats will maintain the level of comfort and luxury you’re used to, and the vehicle’s value, too.

Here’s how to clean leather car seats:
  • Vacuum the seats. Use an attachment and open up the leather seat…
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How to Clean Your Windshield

The open road.

The fresh breeze.

The music blaring.

These are just some of the perks of summertime and the open road.

But there’s a nasty side to nicer weather and driving your car.

And that’s the dirt, bugs and grime.

On your windshield, they’re a nuisance and a potential safety hazard.

Here’s how to care for the windshield to keep your vision clear:
1.Grab the supplies to wash your…
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