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5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Winter weather can do a number on your vehicle! The snow, ice, and salt create potholes in the roads, which then wreak havoc on your car. Not to mention the film of grime that is left behind by the melting snow, dulling your paint job.

Once the snow’s gone, you can get busy erasing the damage that was done.

What are the best ways to get your vehicle ready for spring?

Here are five…
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Get Your Car in Tip-Top Shape for Spring

When winter finally breathes its snowy last, your vehicle will surely need a little extra attention. The weather of winter can prohibit giving your car the same care that you’re able to give it in the warmer months.

Once spring has sprung, it’s time to get your vehicle ready for warmer days. Here’s how:

  • Take care of the interior. Slushy feet make a mess in your vehicle, but cleaning your car out…
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Tire Safety 101

Are you willing to spend one penny to ensure your tires are safe?

That’s all it takes to “test” their wear, and see if the tires are losing tread or the tread is wearing out.

Using a penny to test the tread is a low-cost, effective way for car owners like you to gauge their safety.

Check tire safety
The tread
Here’s how to conduct the test:
  • Place a penny into one of…
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3 Times You Should Definitely Take Your Car to a Mechanic

DIY car repairs are generally not a good idea.

Maybe you’ve changed out your own oil before, or swapped out wiper blades.

But don’t be tempted to go beyond that.

Think about it: You’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to be able to get yourself around town and to work. Why would you sabotage this investment by DIYing a repair?

Your efforts could damage the car and end up costing you…
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All About ABS Brakes


Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are all the rage these days -- and for good reason. This nifty safety feature will ensure you can control your vehicle in hazardous conditions by preventing the vehicle’s wheels from locking when you need to brake heavily.

Here’s everything you need to know about ABS brakes.

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Handy Car Parts You’ll Be Glad to Know

You don’t need to know so much about car parts that you could pass a mechanic’s test. But every driver should have a basic knowledge about car parts in case the vehicle breaks down and you need to replace a part. The ability to “talk shop” with your mechanic will go a long way.

Here are some of the parts you should know:
  • Transmission. A large car part, both in size and importance…
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Car Parts Every Driver Should Know

Knowledge is power, and nothing could be truer than when owning a vehicle. If you aren’t savvy about the mechanics of a car, now’s the time to brush up!

Here are some of the car parts every driver should know and how they function.

The battery
This little powerhouse is the part that starts the engine. This function uses less than 5 percent of the battery’s charge. However, even as battery technology…
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13 Fun Car Facts

I bet you take your car for granted. You get inside, turn on the ignition, and go.

But a lot goes on behind the scenes that’s allowed you to get where you are with your car today.

Learn some fun facts about vehicles and share them with your friends!
Car facts 101
1.The first cars produced did not have a steering wheel. They had a lever. To start the engine, you had to…
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3 Car Parts You Should Get Up Close and Personal With

For most drivers, it’s enough to know that every time you get behind the wheel, the car’s systems will seamlessly work to get you from point A to B.

But it doesn’t take a lot to get familiar with important car parts, and learn enough to help you extend your car’s lifespan.

Here are some of the car parts you should know.

The pistons
This important car part manages how much…
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How to Save on Car Expenses

For most households, car expenses are one of the biggest personal expenditures, after owning a home. However, vehicle ownership is a must, especially if you live in an area lacking public transportation.

Your car provides a sense of control, giving you the ability to get to work on time and go places, anytime and anywhere!

Here are some tips to use to help you shrink this budget item:
●Buy a car that’s known to…
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