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13 Fun Car Facts

I bet you take your car for granted. You get inside, turn on the ignition, and go.

But a lot goes on behind the scenes that’s allowed you to get where you are with your car today.

Learn some fun facts about vehicles and share them with your friends!
Car facts 101
1.The first cars produced did not have a steering wheel. They had a lever. To start the engine, you had to…
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Car Parts Every Driver Should Know

Knowledge is power, and nothing could be truer than when owning a vehicle. If you aren’t savvy about the mechanics of a car, now’s the time to brush up!

Here are some of the car parts every driver should know and how they function.

The battery
This little powerhouse is the part that starts the engine. This function uses less than 5 percent of the battery’s charge. However, even as battery technology…
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How to Stay Safe on the Roads During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of togetherness with family and friends, and traditions that involve gift-giving and favorite foods. Unfortunately, with the season also come risks.

The Christmas season is the fifth most-dangerous holiday, and as people hop into their cars to drive long distances to visit friends or family, the chances of getting into an accident also increase.

You can protect yourself while driving on the roads this holiday season by following these tips…
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3 Car Parts You Should Get Up Close and Personal With

For most drivers, it’s enough to know that every time you get behind the wheel, the car’s systems will seamlessly work to get you from point A to B.

But it doesn’t take a lot to get familiar with important car parts, and learn enough to help you extend your car’s lifespan.

Here are some of the car parts you should know.

The pistons
This important car part manages how much…
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What Does Your Car’s Color Reveal About You?

Ever wondered if you’ve chosen your car’s color based on just an aesthetic appeal -- or could it be your personality? It turns out, most drivers subconsciously choose the color of their car depending on the message they want to send to the world.

Here’s what your car’s color says about you:
●White. This color attracts people who want to present a young, fresh look to the world. That’s part of…
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How to Save on Car Expenses

For most households, car expenses are one of the biggest personal expenditures, after owning a home. However, vehicle ownership is a must, especially if you live in an area lacking public transportation.

Your car provides a sense of control, giving you the ability to get to work on time and go places, anytime and anywhere!

Here are some tips to use to help you shrink this budget item:
●Buy a car that’s known to…
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Long-Distance Driving Tips for Winter

Vehicle manufacturers are making cars safer every year. However, when inclement weather arises, you’ll need to know how to safely navigate the conditions.

When you’re headed out of town on a long-distance driving trip over the holidays, these winter driving tips will help you get there safely:
●Don’t drive when you’re tired. It’ll decrease your ability to respond to dangerous road conditions. Get lots of rest before facing winter weather…
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Phillip enjoying the sunset

Phillip enjoying the sunset over the Portage Lakes here in Akron before he heads back to The North Pole tonight to report back to Santa.

#ElfOnTheShelf #ParkAutoGroup

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The Painless Way to Buy a New Car

It’s a big step.

It requires a significant investment.

And you’ll be driving the vehicle for the next 5, 10 or even 15 years.

So don’t just saunter into a dealership and plunk down your money to avoid the task of buying a new car.

Here’s a painless way to purchase your new vehicle without breaking a sweat:

  1. Do your due diligence. Before you buy a car, you should know what…
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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Your Family

The Thanksgiving holiday gives you and your family a much-needed break from the grind of your daily routine.

Take advantage of a few days off of school and work, and engage your family in some fun crafts!

It’ll give you an excuse to spend some time together, a chance to create personalized decor for your home, and time to reflect on the reason for the season.

Here are some craft ideas:
●Make place cards…
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