Timing Belt

What is it?
A flat, toothed belt that precisely synchronizes the rotating motion of the crankshaft and camshaft(s). A key component of engine operation, the timing belt enables the intake and exhaust valves to open and close at the proper timing in relation to the position of the pistons.

What if I ignore it?

  • Timing belt may break,causing pistons to strike open valves, resulting in costly engine damage
  • If the belt breaks, the engine will immediately stop running without warning
  • If the belt breaks, you may be stranded, with the potential of a costly tow bill
What if I take care of it?
  • Avoid engine damage and costly repairs
  • Avoid being stranded
  • Reduce the likelihood that the timing belt will break
  • Follows the Acura maintenance recommendations
What are the benefits of Acura Genuine Timing Belts?
  • It can perform as reliably as the original,untilthe next maintenance interval
  • Exact factory fit can alleviate worry about slippage,belt creep, and faulty synchronization
  • Premium materials are identical to the original belt, providing maximum durability and crack resistance, even in extreme temperatures
  • Greater resistance to tooth shear,heat, and contamination for enhanced protection against premature belt degradation and wear
Why service your vehicle at an Acura Dealership?
Warranty Coverage - Acura Genuine Replacement Parts purchased from an Acura dealership are covered for 1 year from the date of purchase, regardless of installation location. See your vehicle's warranty materials for additional terms and conditions.

Value and Trust - Acura dealerships strive to offer the same things people choose an Acura vehicle for,including reliability, dependability, and value. The Parts and Service Department is committed to earning your loyalty every time you visit and helping you prolong the life of your vehicle.

Acura Professionals - Dealership Parts and Service personnel are trained professionals and are continually provided leading-edge client service, process, and technical training. Combine that with up-to-date technical resources, specialized processes, and specific tools for your exact model and year,and you've got the right people to help make maintaining your Acura as satisfying as owning it.